Our technology demonstrator buildings


 To demonstrate how the technology developed by the SUNRISE investigators can be applied in real-life contexts, a series of building-integrated sustainable energy systems will be built across India. These buildings will be modelled on the active classroom at Swansea University developed by SPECIFIC and the ‘buildings as power stations’ initiative (see video below), but adapted to the needs and challenges of a new environment. They will incorporate PV modules alongside technology for electricity storage, efficient lighting, water purification, and biomass energy.

A minimum of five rural, off-grid Indian communities will be selected as locations for the demonstrators. When determining the building locations, factors such as the requirements of the village and the risk of conflict with other communities will be seriously considered. We will also choose a range of different environments in order to show how the technology can be adapted. These renewable technology systems will show how global science can be implemented to the benefit of small communities, as well as creating local supply chains for the manufacturing of renewable energy products.

More information about our demonstrators will be available as the project progresses so we’ll be sure to keep you updated. To find out more about  SPECIFIC’s active classroom at Swansea University see the video below: