Solar Power For All

SUNRISE is an international project to address global energy poverty through developing next-generation solar technologies.

Led by Swansea University, the SUNRISE network unites several leading universities and industrial collaborators from across the globe in a transdisciplinary research collaboration.

Solar-Powered Community Building

The Solar OASIS is our full-scale demonstrator building. Located in Khuded village in rural Maharashtra, India, it uses solar power to generate, store and release energy to be shared by the villagers, and acts as a flexible community space.


To achieve social impact that is relevant to the communities we work with, we must first actively involve and engage the communities themselves. Find out how we used arts-based methods and participatory video to involve the residents of Khuded.

Transforming Energy Access at SUNRISE

To support a sustainable, just, and equitable energy transitioon, TEA at SUNRISE will build on the SUNRISE network to enable next-generation PV to be manufactured locally in Asia, Africa, and the Indo-Pacific.

SUNRISE is funded by GCRF (Global Challenges Research Fund), a £1.5 billion UKRI fund established to support research that addresses challenges faced by developing countries.