Professor Dinesh Kabra’s optoelectronics research featured in Nature

SUNRISE network member Professor Dinesh Kabra has been featured in a Nature article discussing his research into next-generation optoelectronics.

Optoelectronic materials are used in solar cells and display technologies. Dinesh’s research focuses on unconventional, more efficient materials such as halide perovskites and organic semiconductors.

Dinesh and his team at the National Centre of Photovoltaic Research and Education (NCPRE) have built a special ‘cluster tool’, which uses a semi-automated multi-chamber tool to assemble optoelectronic devices without exposing them to ambient air. This technology is in the process of being commercialised by a local company.

Dinesh, who is a Professor of Photonics at the department of physics at IIT Bombay, said:

“Our team at IIT Bombay in collaboration with other SUNRISE partners is committed to deliver high density pixels for display technology and increased per unit area efficiency for PV technology by using our unqiue customized cluster tool equipped with in-situ optical meterology.”

Read the Nature article here.